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Hannspree 22" Wide Hard Glass LED Monitor

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Hannspree is a consumer electronics manufacturer specialising in audio visual technology. We are part of the HannStar Display Corporation, one of the largest glass panel manufacturers in the world, and benefit from its rich heritage and technological prowess in display technology. Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, HannStar is dedicated to the research & development, manufacture and sale of low-radiation, low power consuming, performance glass panels thanks to its clear operation concept - to provide the most advanced visual performance for everybody whilst protecting the environment, and prides itself on its continual development and advancement of new technologies to produce grade-A, high spec quality panels. HannStar created the Hannspree brand in 2006 to deliver a new, exciting portfolio of consumer electronic products that stood out from the crowd. We have since managed to shake up an industry associated with mass-production and uniform product design, and have carved our own niche in the electronics industry.

The name, Hannspree, derived from an idea to combine the company's Asian roots with its international future. â??Hannâ?? is the Chinese word for universal. â??Spreeâ?? is an English word that means an outburst of fun activity. The marriage of the two words perfectly reflects the companyâ??s vision and philosophy, to create and inspire Universal fun.

Hannspree is now leading an audiovisual revolution based around 360° design and individual style that establishes an entirely new class of customized consumer electronics. Our cutting-edge boutique products push the boundaries of the expected and are world renowned for having unprecedented aesthetic appearances that capture the imagination. Design and fashion are more important to people than they ever before so we design each and every one of our products to encourage self expression. Our unique and affordable luxury products help you to customize your environment based on your personal interests and passions.

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